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Pyrus communis Pear – Duo ‘Williams’ Bon Chrétien’ and ‘Bonne Louise d’Avranches’


Two pear trees are grafted onto one stem at an early age. It grows as a normal tree but you get the benefits of two trees for the price of one e.g. two different species of pear

‘Williams’ Bon Chrétien’- A dessert pear, 2.5-8m tall depending upon the rootstock. Flowers white, fruit yellow-green with a good flavour. Pollination group 3. Season of use: mid- to late September

‘Bonne Louise d’Avranches’- Pear Pyrus communis Bonne Louise d’Avranches’ is an old French delicious dessert pear variety with an excellent, sweet and melting, distinctive pear flavour. Delivery height 150-170 cm. The flowering period is quite short but it produces moderately large, regular pear-shaped fruit, which are yellow-green with rust spots.

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