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Nothofagus solandri v cliffortoide


A tree to 30 m tall, often with an irregular or rounded habit and with many slender limbs. Bark dark grey, smooth into old age or finely and horizontally wrinkled; ultimately with rugged ridges in the wild. Shoots slender (1 mm thick), dark reddish, densely and closely pubescent. Buds c. 4 mm, conic, reddish. Leaves evergreen (persisting for 2 years), oval to ovate, the tip rounded but sometimes apiculate; 10-15 × 7-8 mm, glabrous and glossy above (blackish-green in winter), paler beneath and variably grey-pubescent; petiole 1-2 mm; lateral veins in 3 or 4 pairs, only clearly visible on the underside.